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Website Submission
Submit your Website to the Search Engines
The Internet is indexed textually
Search engine friendly websites
Web Site Submission to all major search engines including Irish search engines and Irish directories.

Examples of successful Internet marketing:
Reiterferien - wanderreiten in Irland
Foto© Horse Holiday Farm

Foto© Internationale Schule

Photo © Hofgut Sachtenhorst

Foto© Möbel Schwienhorst
The World Wide Web may appear to be a visual medium, but it is indexed textually.

Search engine friendly websites
Search Engines read only text. They cannot read pictures or graphics, they cannot read flash and they cannot read database driven pages.
We will work with you to redevelop your site to make the website more search engine friendly.
For many search engine queries you might get thousands or millions of results - all of them sites that fit your query.

Search engine spiders look for readable text, and follow links.
If the spiders cannot read your websites because of framesets, flash etc. we will create special sites for submission, we create search engine friendly web pages.

Website Submission
For the general website submission, a list of all relevant keywords and a short description of the site are worked into special page coding call meta tags. They will be included on all pages.
All pages will then be submitted to the major search engines, including Irish search engines and Irish directories.

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