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Search Engine Ranking
Ranking designates the position in search engines
Optimising your Search Engine Ranking · Ranking Algorithm
Search engine placement is most valuable and most cost-effective

Examples of successful Internet marketing:
Self Catering Castle Apartment in Ireland – Holidays and Honeymoon in a Castle at the Sea
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Carl Emanuel Wolff
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Horse Riding Holidays
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If you're not in the Top100 listings, you don't exist.
If you're not in the Top 30, you're probably losing business.

Ranking designate the position in search engines.

Search engines are the way most people find a website. Being well placed in the search results can make a tremendous difference in the number of visitors you get.
How do you think people will search for your web page? The words you imagine them typing into the search box are your target keywords.
If your site is not in the Top 30 listings of the major search engines and directories for your most important keywords, you are not going to get the traffic you deserve.

Optimising your Search Engine Ranking
No matter how often you submit a website to search engines, if it isn't optimized it won't rank well.
Search Engines read text. They cannot read pictures or graphics, they cannot read Flash and they cannot read database driven pages.
Simply repeating keywords into your Meta tags is not enough to achieve high rankings in the top search engines.
By optimising your website for both design elements and technical factors, you have an excellent chance of ranking well (within the first 30 listings). But it's not that easy....

Ranking Algorithm
Big search engines like Google have saved several billion websites. While searching, the user gets more than a thousand answers. The aim of a search engines is to serve the user as well as possible. The search engine’s software puts the websites in a useful order, that is called ranking algorithm. The basis of this software for ranking algorithm will be changed to show a different result.
Over the years the search engines and directories have become smarter. Search engine optimisation has become a very complex, sophisticated practice that requires constant research, practice, and re-evaluation to be effective.

Search engine placement is the first, most valuable, and most cost-effective item in a marketing budget.

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