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Ranking Service and Ranking Optimisation
Internet report: We analyse the traffic on your web pages and control the ranking in the search engines
Our service report will be monitored and reported to you on a two weeks basis
We optimise your websites continually

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With our website ranking services we control the ranking of your website and can improve your web pages to get you a top ranking position. We can give you all the information about your website in detail every second week. We compile a large file of data on your site traffic and analyse it several times weekly and daily if necessary.

Internet Report
Your search engine success, including a detailed statistical report, will be monitored and reported to you on a two-week basis.
This report contains information telling you where your hits are coming from, how many visitors there are to your site and which pages attract the most attention.
It also provides essential keyword information so we may track which keywords are attracting people to your site. When you are comparing your ranking reports, it is completely normal to see your position fluctuate over time.
The fluctuation is due to the fact that search engines are constantly adding new pages to their database and changing their ranking algorithm.

We optimise your websites recurrently
Without accurate information on how many visitors your site has had, where they originated from, and what keywords they used in their search, we can never fully optimise your site. We create more content oriented web pages and add more link text that includes your keywords. At the same time we continue to build up your link popularity.
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